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Release date 18-27 September

Help Tutorial: Fifa 20 Demo Online vs. Friends


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Hi guys here's my tutorial to play the new Released Fifa 20 Demo Online vs. your Friend.

things u need as host:
good upload and download speed (since you streaming it to your friend.)
1x Fifa 20 Demo
The free program (just need to create an free account.) Parsec ( link here ) + Account
1 Controller

things u need as connecting friend:
good download speed
1 Controller
Parsec + Account


first both create an account and download Parsec.
then go trough the settings i will link my settings down the post.
Add each other.

As host:
now make an party with your friend and let him join your PC
Start Fifa Demo and go to quick match and choose sites your friend should be able to play as the opponent team.
if controller not visible the host need to download the controller drivers ( here ) and restart PC after install.
Have Fun.

As Connecting player:
Joins your friend Party.
Choose side (if controller not working press some buttons).
Have Fun.

my settings:
host settings ( picture here )
Client settings ( picture here )
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