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FIFA 22 | Boosting Service
Weekend League for legit player
Hello, I present to your attention my service for obtaining wins in the weekend league mode.
My method is quite simple, but a little risky, so I warn you. I will use 99 skills in fut champions mode, this may be noticeable, and a complaint may be filed against your account. I can make any number of wins guaranteed, but the risk of being banned will increase.
I also have a limit on the number of accounts that I can use at the time of ordering.
I have the right to refuse if your fut squad does not meet my requirements.
The price and limit is listed below:

1 match = 1$
2 accounts for week (but maybe I can use more, depending on the number of matches on one account)

Rivals for farm sellers (or also legit players)
Here coin sellers can order a cheat service to farm coins in rivals. How safe it is? I don't think you care much about it.
The execution time can vary from 5 to 30 minutes, for example, if you ordered 4 matches in the draft
I am ready to spend some time, but I am not ready to promise you a large number of matches for one request from your side.
My price is equal to, perhaps it will increase, depending on the number of your requests.

1 match = 1$

Draft for farm sellers (or also legit players)
In general, everything is the same here, as described above in rivals category.

1 match = 1$
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