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  • RESET COUNTDOWN + UNLIMITED ATTEMPTS - Stops the countdown, and also includes endless attempts (doesn't work if you have 0 attempts)
  • ADD POINTS AFTER SCORE - Adds points after each successful action
  • HOME/GUEST SCORE - Enables the score change mode in the match. H - Home value. G - Guest value
  • MATCH TIME - Sets time in the match
  • MATCH TIME SPEED - Increases speed time in the match
  • GOLD PENALTY - In the penalty shoot-out, who scores first, is will be the winner
  • UNLIMITED STAMINA HOME/TIRED GUEST - Infinite strip stamina in players at home, and tired players at guest
  • UNLIMITED STAMINA GUEST/TIRED HOME - Infinite strip stamina in players at guest, and tired players at home
  • HOME STABLE/GUEST INJURED - Stable players home/guest injured
  • GUEST STABLE/HOME INJURED - Stable players guest/home injured
  • TRANSFER BUDGET - Sets the budget funds in career coach
  • 100% PLAYER ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Maximum pumping player in career player
  • STADIUM - Possibility to change the stadium before the match in career mode
Pro Clubs:
  • Hair Style - choose any of the hairstyles ID's ON FORUM
  • Clock on Hands - changes the player's appearance. appear watch like have the referee :doge:
  • Body Type - change the model of the body ID of your pro player
  • Shoes - set any ID for boots
  • Pants - sets the shorts style
  • GK Glove - change the model of the GK Glove ID of your pro player
  • Commentary - changes your player commentary ID
  • AI Hair Style - choose any of the hairstyles for your AI players in pro club team
  • AI Shoes - set any ID for boots on your AI players in your pro club team
  • ZOOM CAMERA - Changing the camera zoom in settings
  • HEIGHT CAMERA - Camera height control in settings
  • Home Kit - the first number is the parametr of the form (usually I point out what is needed) second number changing home form
  • Away Kit - changing away kit form, same as home kit
  • Badge - changes your team's badge ID's ON FORUM
  • Match Ball - choose any ball of your choice :doge: ID's ON FORUM
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