Account Account with 7.6 milion coins, untradeable baby Eusebio and a lot of other high tier untradeables



Since I'm starting a new job soon and have other things I'd rather do than play this scripted rigged game I want to get rid of my FUT account.

Like the title suggests the club has 7.6 milion coins but will probably be more since I'm getting rid of silvers/golds.
The club also has a lot of 84 and lower rated untradeables.
Reason I'm not just selling the coins is because of the high tier untradeables the club has. All players in the picture below are the best untradeables the club has to offer, but if you are only looking to buy coins and no one wants to take over the account we can probably work out something aswell.

I dont really know what I want for it but if you are interested you can contact me easily via discord - fylkz#3454 or just reply to this thread with any questions you might have or if interested

Weekend League is available to play on the account.
Current division is 7


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