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  1. pXilok

    Announcement Next future update FIIX 1.6

    Write, what you most wanted. If the topic already has a suggestion about the feature you need, just put like. No need to repeat the same thing Do not write here about fixing non working functions after fifa update No need to write about "make safe draft again" UPD. Planning to add: maybe...
  2. pXilok

    Trainer FIFA 20 | FIIX (Ultimate Team FUT Draft, Volta, Pro Clubs, Co-op, Online Seasons, Career, Squad Battles) Trainer (1.5.3)

    It is extremely not recommended to abuse cheats in the Ultimate Team Mode !!! Please, do not ask me (@pXilok) questions about how to use trainer without a EA ban. Price: 10€ (euro) / 15 days (750 RUB) 15€ (euro) / 30 days (1100 RUB) 30€ (euro) / 90 days (2200 RUB) (If you need more...
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