FI9X (Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Co-op and Seasons) Trainer

FI9X (Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Co-op and Seasons) Trainer 1.2

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1 months
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Feature summary

  • General
  • Ultimate
  • Pro Clubs
  • Opponent FUT Info

Product details

FI9X 1.2
Opponent FUT Info:
  • Opponent Origin - opportunity to see the opponent's nickname, works in weekend league too
  • Opponent Club - shows the name of the opponent's club
  • Opponent Rating - shows the rating of the opponent's squad
  • Opponent Chemistry - shows the chemistry of the opponent's squad
  • Opponent WL Info - shows the number of matches played / won against at opponents
  • Opponent Squad - shows all the names / ratings of players in the opponent squad (default formation 4-4-2)

General (some features not worked in UT, example skills 99):
  • Skill/Hide - exposes characteristics in the match from 0 to 99 (if hide, you see original players rating) (not working in FUT)
  • Height - ability to change the growth of all players in the range 130 - 205 (not working in FUT)
  • Traits - applies all the existing talents on the players
  • Weak Foot - the choice of weak foot 1 to 5 (not working in FUT)
  • Skill Moves - the choice of skill moves 0 to 4 (not working in FUT)
  • Specialities - adds abilities originating from characteristics
  • Work Rate - applies the attack and defense level of the game
  • Body - change the model of the body of players
  • Pre Foot - preferred foot 1 to 2 (1 - left 2 - right)
  • Potential - percentage of progress players on the field. (possibly useless)
  • CD Height - changes only the height of the Central defenders (not working in FUT)
  • GK Height - changes only the height of the Goalkeeper (not working in FUT)
  • Celebration - choose any celebration for the whole team by default
  • Overall - rating increase overall skill 0 to 10 (possibly useless)
  • Shoes - exposes the model of shoes to all players
  • Unlim Subs - resets the default replacement limit of 3
  • Legacy defending - removes the ability to play only tactical defense
  • Weight - weight setting for all players (not working in FUT)
  • WFSM + Workrate - Weak Foot Skill Moves set on 5 stars, and activated work rate. worked other method. perhaps small lags or crashes before and after match (bugs possible) (not working in FUT)
  • Gold Goal - match ends after the ball will be is in goal
  • Instant Match - instant completion of the match, depending on the position of the ball
  • Home TP/Away TP Goal - with any touch of the ball, a goal occurs instantly (but so same is happening disconnect of match)
  • Bypass AFK - when you are not control your team, a message about inactivity on your part will appear after a while. this cheat allows you to bypass this warning
  • Bypass ALT-TAB - there will be no disconnection online match when you minimize or alt-tab game
  • Fitness - after the match your stamina will not be spent and also gives a small increase in total endurance. there is no need to buy more fitness cards
  • Chem Style - the chemistry style for all players
  • Rivals M - shows, how many matches you played in this mode (in week)
  • Home Kit - The first number is the parametr of the form (usually I point out what is needed) second number changing home form
  • Away Kit - Changing away form
  • Rating - Sets overall team rating (helps for searching more weak opponents, perhaps)
  • Club ID - Ability to change the club of players (the best chemistry gives an increase skills)
Pro Clubs: (work only if you are a captain in your team (or drop-in match) for 99 skills)
  • Skill Points - infinity skills points in the player menu
  • Hair Style - choose any of the hairstyles
  • Hidden Traits - includes traits which are hidden in the player settings. visible only in match squad info
  • Clock on Hands - changes the player's appearance. appear watch like have the referee
  • Modifier - rating increase overall skill 0 to 10 (possibly useless)
  • Body Type - change the model of the body ID of players
  • Potential - percentage of progress player on the field. (possibly useless)
  • Height - ability to change the growth of player in the range 130 - 205 (if you need more, need will be a captain)
  • Work rate - applies the attack and defense level of the game
  • Stadium - set any stadium of your choice
  • Shoes - set any ID for boots
  • Pants - sets the shorts style
All your actions in the game, are made at your own risk. Creator assumes no responsibility for your actions and intentions in the specified game. Be careful, and use wisely.